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B Leaders are experienced sustainability professionals who have been trained to guide businesses through B Corp certification.

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What is B Leaders?

B Leaders is a training programme designed by B Lab UK that equips sustainability professionals with the tools and knowledge to support businesses through the B Corp certification process.

“Our B Leader was instrumental in helping us successfully navigate the fairly complex process as a relatively large multinational company, and ultimately achieve certification.”

Kate Upshon, Senior International Sustainability Manager, The Body Shop

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B Leaders complete an intensive training programme covering all areas of B Corp certification and the B Impact Assessment. These trained professionals can offer guidance and support to companies thinking about, preparing for or going through the B Corp certification process.

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What's included in the training programme?

B Leaders is a training programme, designed by B Lab UK, to empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification and work with businesses to measure what matters.

6 half-day training programme

Learn all about the B Corp certification, find out what companies need to do to certify and how to expertly guide them through the process.

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The B Leaders Resource Portal hosts all of the B Leaders programme material, as well as an exclusive growing library of helpful presentations and training videos.

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Each programme sees the community of B Leaders grow. On completing the course, B Leaders can connect with and learn from a network of experienced individuals who are passionate about using business as a force for good.

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