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Aisling Connaughton

Greater London, Northern Ireland, South East England

Aisling is co-founder of Cyd Connects, a women-led sustainability consultancy created to inspire positive change.


B Leader bio

Aisling is co-founder of Cyd Connects, a women-led sustainability consultancy created to inspire positive change.

Her 17-year global career in PR spans sustainability, marketing, and communications. As Sustainability Solutionist at Cyd Connects, Aisling leads businesses through the B Corp process to build long term strategic competitive advantage.

Aisling holds a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths University of London. She is a proud member of the University of Cambridge Wo+Men Leadership Centre and received a scholarship to the Cambridge Judge Business School Rising Women Leaders Programme.

Having held positions within multi-nationals such as L’Oreal, Aveda, Clarins, Liz Earle Beauty Co. and then Huawei Technologies, Aisling understands the challenges inherent in instigating systems change in the corporate world.


Building, Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Financial Services, Health & Human Services, Media, Restaurant, Hospitality & Travel, Retail, Other

Company size experience

SME, Start-up, Large, Multinational

Impact area expertise

Employees, Governance, Supply Chain, Diversity & Inclusion


"In September 2023 my company became a Certified B Corporation with a score of 125.7 thanks to the guidance of Cyd Connects. I am Founder and CEO of The Re-Pete Project with a design background. I have dyslexia and suspected ADHD which has always deterred me from anything that involved a huge amount reading and form filling. The Cyd Connects team was beyond patient and helpful setting up meetings via video calls to read out and explain questions, type my answers, help put graphs together to show my companies data, liaise with B Lab analysts with questions and more through this long process. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to get through it without them. I would (and have) highly recommend Cyd Connects, they know their stuff and are 100% passionate about their mission of getting companies into the ever growing B Corp community. I am forever grateful!"

Katie Walsh, Founder & CEO of THE RE-PETE PROJECT - Luxury urban outerwear, transitioning the fashion industry from linear to circular

"The most important thing to come out of our work with Cyd Connects was the understanding of how valuable our business purpose is, and how Ruebik’s impact model is driving our growth and success. We are excited to achieve B Corp certification. It’s been an eye-opening experience and has solidified our role as leaders in inclusive recruitment, as we progress Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace and improve the outcomes for people from diverse backgrounds and communities."

Christina Brooks, Founder & CEO of Ruebik – Experts in Talent Search

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May 2021


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