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Andy Hawkins

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Andy Hawkins, founder of Business on Purpose, has helped a wide range of clients progress through their B Impact Assessment in a pragmatic and manageable way.


B Leader bio

Andy Hawkins, founder of Business on Purpose, has been in business for more than 20 years helping companies transform the way they work using technology.

He also spent 5 years doing community development in Africa and a further 5 years in environmental services.

Business On Purpose supports companies to measure and improve their social and environmental impact using the B Corp framework.

We have developed a Ten Step Couch to 5k process to help with this journey.

This is split into two separate phases (normally across 3 months). Phase One covers the first five steps, each of which covers one of the five sections of the B Impact Assessment. At the end of Phase One a RAG report is produced to help guide the following few sessions then focus on any issues and gaps that need to be addressed, together with ensuring that the appropriate evidence is in place. Assistance with all necessary documentation, policies, processes and surveys are also provided. Support with Companies House is included to make any required changes to articles and objects together with a trial audit process for the BIA score and evidence.

For smaller companies, the programme can also be delivered as part of a small cohort of like-minded companies. This format is enhanced by collective knowledge, support, accountability, and networking.


Building, Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Energy & Environmental Services, Financial Services, Health & Human Services, Legal Services, Media, Retail, Transportation & Logistics

Company size experience

SME, Start-up, Large, Multinational

Impact area expertise

Employees, Governance, Environment, Supply Chain, Diversity & Inclusion, Legal



The B-Corp impact assessment is challenging for a small organisation to complete. BOP gave us the support and framework we needed to tackle it in a structured way and the weekly sessions with our cohort. - Greg Smart, 500 More

Completing the BIA has opened my eyes to what makes a truly ethical business, things I had never even considered at the beginning of the journey. It’s paved the way for how I want my business to be run and what I want us to be truly known for – a business with purpose, doing better, doing more of the good stuff! - Elle Chappell, Form Talent

I’d highly recommend and endorse Andy. He was detail orientated and took time to explain what felt like complex questions and scenarios. He pushed me to think and evolve my logic throughout the process and I came away with a much clearer vision for what we needed to do within the business. That’s regardless of the B-Corp certification.
Luke Tobin, Digital Ethos

Business on Purpose helped guide us through the B Corp application process, giving structure advice and simple actionable insights - making it a very positive experience. I highly recommend. - Joel Baynes, Ecologi

I cannot recommend Andy at Business On Purpose enough, to support progressing through the B Corp Certification process, the service is highly professional and great value for money.
Richard Leather, Fusion Initiatives

Andy has been a great help with our B Corp journey, providing clear and methodical guidance. His enthusiasm and dedication to the B Corp cause is really contagious and motivating. Thanks so much for your help! - Jess Snipe, Halo Media

The help I received was invaluable, Andy helped to provide the focus and clarity that we really needed to be able to submit our application. - Cherry Sinclair, LettUs Grow

Without Andy & Business on Purpose, we wouldn’t have completed the B Impact Assessment as we were stuck on too many parts. It is as a direct result of his passion and knowledge that we have been able to submit our application and now continue to strive to do better.
Phil Rawlinson, Net Weaver

The B Impact Assessment Program has helped give our business the tools to ensure we continue to act in a socially and environmentally positive way. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to take part as it will continue to shape our operation for the very bright future we hope to have. - Tim Morgan, Service Robotics

As an early stage social impact start-up, BCorp directly aligns to our purpose and vision for how we want our business to operate. Having industry leading expertise available to help guide us through the process was invaluable, saving us valuable time and stopping us making costly mistakes. Thanks Andy! - Luke Venn, Spry Care

“I am delighted to recommend Andy Hawkins and bop’s BIA programme to any business leader or organisation passionate about the B Corp movement. Andy Hawkins has been a tremendous source of inspiration, guidance and support throughout our journey. He has worked with us to develop a framework where we can develop best practice for our business which aligns with the key goals of B Corp. Thank you for all your amazing support over the last few months”.
Charlie Green, Partner, tml Partners

I highly recommend Andy and his team for helping anyone through this process and the amount you learn about your business is invaluable. It's the sort of due diligence you would need s you grow your business anyway so I highly recommend going through the process as a health check regardless.
Danielle Morgan, Doppler Effect

We are so grateful to Andy Hawkins, at Business on Purpose, who went above and beyond in supporting the team at felloh! He helped us get so much more out of the BIA programme because of his insightful comments, thought-provoking challenges and wise words. Thank you Andy!
Sarah Bandurka, Felloh

Andy turns the BIA into A.B.C! His step-by-step practical approach was perfect for me as a start-up. I can see Andy’s approach having a really big impact. Andy is a BCorp diamond, you won’t find anyone more helpful! Emma Burlow – Lighthouse Sustainability

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Feb 2021


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