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Carra Santos

I'm a sustainable futures educator and interpreter, equipping leaders with the beyond-business knowledge and learning tools to lead the transition to a sustainable future.


B Leader bio

Hi everyone,

I undertook the B Leader programme to understand its potential and the process and requirements from the inside perspective. However (and I know this sounds strange!) I'm not an active B Leader working through BIAs with clients.

My primary work is researching and educating on everything in the bigger-picture beyond business - more specifically, helping people understand the natural, social, economic and political environment in which we're working. We've skipped that knowledge, and we need it to close our knowledge gaps and make solid plans.

That means, in terms of B Corp:

• I support other B Leaders with big-picture knowledge as helpful to them and their clients, and
• I support companies with education and strategic research plans, separate to (but ultimately supporting) their BIA responses.


Company size experience

Impact area expertise


"Carra’s expertise was invaluable in providing us with guidance as we began our sustainability journey.”

"The report Carra compiled was very fair and honest, it has helped us to focus our goals moving forward.”

"Carra was a great sounding board and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her.”

"Carra has given us some clear next steps to continue to progress our sustainability programme.”

“I appreciated Carra’s openness and willingness to chat through all areas of our business.”

"It's not easy to quickly understand something new or understand the landscape of a new organisation quickly. Yet this is what Carra was able to achieve from our first meeting."

"Carra takes a considered approach to how we operate, the practicalities of what we do, our mission and impact the organisation has in the communities we operate. Constructively challenges our thinking as an organisation, discussing how we evidence and back up statements and practices both internally as well as our core social impact. Sessions with Carra also sparked a number of internal conversations within our organisation in which we ended up challenging our thinking and current practices, why we have them in place, and questioning whether they are robust and fit for purpose."

Companies taken through the B Impact Assessment


Companies taken through the B Corp Certification


Training cohort

Feb 2021

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