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Jayne Saywell


Business as a force for good. Helping great companies deliver both purpose and profit. Creating a positive vision of the future.


B Leader bio

B Leader and sustainability strategy specialist. I am passionate about helping organisations understand and embrace the transition to a low carbon, wellbeing economy.

A finance professional (CGMA) with a Masters in Environmental Economics. With over 16 years experience in corporate analysis and risk, including climate risk, I am well placed to help businesses understand their impact and start ramping up the positive and dialling down the negative.


Business Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Financial Services

Company size experience

SME, Start-up

Impact area expertise

Governance, Environment


“I was hugely keen on B-Corp accreditation, but the process was far too onerous and bewildering for me to attempt. Thankfully, Jayne led me through it, demystifying, explaining and prioritising as we went. I just wouldn’t have managed it without her.” Gareth Claase, Gecko Glazing,

"Jayne was excellent at guiding us through the B Impact Assessment and specifically, how it applied to our business. This has given us a good understanding of our next steps for improvement" Bob Cummins, Sodak,

Companies taken through the B Impact Assessment


Companies taken through the B Corp Certification


Training cohort

May 2021

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