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Laura Adams

East Midlands, Greater London, Northern Ireland, West Midlands

Independent sustainability adviser with 20 years experience. Passionate about making sustainability accessible to all organisations, regardless of history or sector


B Leader bio

I'm a seasoned independent sustainability adviser and advocate.

I founded my own sustainability consultancy, 'Remarkable Impact' in 2020 and am the Chair of the board of a sustainability charity in my spare time.

Before starting my own business, I held a number of in-house sustainability leadership positions in companies including The Co-op Group and Jaguar Land Rover, so I understand the challenges (and rewards) of bringing good intentions to life in practice within organisations.

I completed a post-grad certificate at the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership (2016/17), have been recognised as an agent of change by a UK award scheme and have been a member of a number of steering groups helping to advance responsible business practice in the UK.

I pride myself on my independence and on offering high quality, simple, bespoke solutions to organisations wanting to be a force for good. This might be by helping them define a sustainability strategy, engaging their people around a sustainable purpose, or by helping them communicate how and why they are champions of responsible business practice.

I strongly believe that sustainability should be accessible to all organisations, regardless of history or sector. The B Corps movement has a very exciting role to play in realising this vision.


Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Energy & Environmental Services, Financial Services, Retail

Company size experience

SME, Large

Impact area expertise

Employees, Governance, Environment, Supply Chain, Diversity & Inclusion

Companies taken through the B Impact Assessment


Companies taken through the B Corp Certification


Training cohort

May 2021

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