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Muryel Boulay

Business leader passionate about sustainability and building the new economy


B Leader bio

Muryel is the founder and director of B Other Wise, consultancy guiding companies to build a sustainable future economically, socially and environmentally. A strong CSR/Sustainability strategy leads to more profit which in turn gives the opportunity to have a greater positive impact.

B Other Wise currently works with CEOs and founders to embed CSR principles in the mission and the governance of their businesses, allowing for external validation of these efforts through CSR-Accreditation and B Corp Accreditation. At the core of these projects are the identification of the key impacts and a strong reporting tool on all non-financial indicators which are essential to the sustainable running of a business.

Before creating B Other Wise, Muryel held various leadership roles for household brands such as Velcro and McVities, roaming the world to grow these businesses in new markets.

Muryel has co-authored a white paper on CSR translated into an ESG report, with the CSR-Accreditation team with whom she is holding weekly CSR training sessions.

In addition to her consultancy, Muryel collaborates with charities to reduce digital poverty and promote zero waste consumption.


Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services

Company size experience

SME, Start-up

Impact area expertise

Supply Chain

Companies taken through the B Impact Assessment


Companies taken through the B Corp Certification


Training cohort

Feb 2021


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