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Sally Burtt-Jones

East of England, Greater London, Northern Ireland, North East England, North West England, Scotland, South East England, South West England, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber

Sal is founder of independent sustainability consultancy 11 TwentyTwo Ltd, a mentor for the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership's start-up accelerator and a B Leader.


B Leader bio

After over twenty years in business development and marketing within media and tech, including long stints at the Guardian, and Japanese tech giants, Rakuten, Sal is now committed to business sustainability, using her commercial acumen to focus on decoupling growth from negative environmental and societal impact.

A strategic thinker who has spent her career identifying, developing and delivering successful solutions across multiple channels, business types and geographies, Sal enjoys engaging all stakeholder groups to uncover strategic opportunities that drive sustainable revenue and growth. She is passionate about business model innovation and utilising circular economy strategies for change.

Sal is relentless in her pursuit of knowledge, having trained over the past few years with the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, been certified in GRI reporting and Carbon Management, and completed training in product carbon footprinting and life cycle analysis.

In 2024, she is on a mission to support businesses through B-Corp certification and beyond, and is currently offering a free 45 minute introductory call and advice session for businesses to find out more about the B-Corp Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and the process, and the services she offers to cater for different company sizes and budgets. Please get in touch to find out more via the form below.


Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Energy & Environmental Services, Health & Human Services, Media, Restaurant, Hospitality & Travel, Retail

Company size experience

SME, Start-up, Large, Multinational

Impact area expertise

Employees, Governance, Environment, Supply Chain


"Working with Sal to help guide us through the B Corp verification process has been nothing short of seamless. Her clear guidance, vast knowledge and thoughtful counsel has made the whole process an extremely positive one. I cannot recommend Sal enough so all those who are seeking to make a positive impact on our planet and our people. Thank you Sal." Ella McWilliam, CEO, Full Fat Comms Agency.

"While I had been filling in and looking at my B-Corp application sporadically for a couple of years, as soon as I started working with Sally, it immediately took on a much more effective form and I saw the incredible benefit of engaging a B-Leader. I was initially worried about our chances but Sally was so reassuring and our greatest champion along the way, setting my mind at ease. It was a total joy to work with Sally over the last few months and I cannot recommend her more in getting a company through the daunting B-Corp process" Emer Gillepsie, Founder & Director, Spark & Bell (Certified with 100.6 points, April 2024)

"Sally is an outstanding B Corp consultant. I had the pleasure of working with her from the very start of our B Corp journey through to certification. Her insight, guidance and organisation were absolutely invaluable in both formulating our strategy for improvements and keeping us on track, and now that we have certified I look forward to working together on the next phase! If you’re looking for a consultant who can really help you make an impact in your organisation, I’d highly recommend Sally." John Service, Strategy & Sustainability Director, Key Production (Certified with 86.8 points, September 2023)

"It has been an absolute joy to work with Sal for our BCorp recertification this year at Bruichladdich Distillery. Sal has a wealth of knowledge and experience- not just on BCorp but also the key fundamentals behind the requirements, which really enabled us to get to grips with how we could best tailor our company practices or demonstrate our alignment with the criteria. Sal has been so positive, proactive and patient throughout, and I looked forward to all of our sessions together. The recertification process for us was quite extensive, comprising a rigorous verification stage and an in-depth site audit- all of which seemed so enjoyable and constructive thanks to Sal’s input and encouragement. I would love the chance to work with Sal again in the future, and would highly recommend her to others!" Lawrence Vellam, Quality & Compliance, Bruichladdich Distillery Company Ltd (Re-certified with 100.7 points, September 2023) NB. This work was undertaken as an associate consultant for Greenheart Business Consulting.

"Storythings had done a fair bit of work on our B Impact Assessment, but it was only after engaging Sally that we really understood the specifics of how the B Corp system works, which was incredibly valuable. Sally's report after our sessions then went on to give really useful advice on the steps we need to follow to fully complete our application to give us the best chance of success, and we've made a lot of progress since then. Sally also proactively followed up on a point when she thought we might be able to benefit. I highly recommend her services to any organisation looking to become a B-Corp. Thank you so much!" Anjali Ramachandran, Director, Storythings (Certified with 98 points, January 2024)

"Sal is a joy to work with. She is part expert/part therapist and totally understands the challenges of aspiring B Corp businesses. Sal has a massive sense of purpose and takes time to understand and care about the companies she works with. Sal now feels like both a member of our team and a friend. I hope we do her proud in the assessment!" CEO, Furniture Manufacturer.

"Sal is incredible :) very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. She made learning about the B-Corp certification and areas for improvement very enjoyable and I feel much better equipped to tackle this accreditation having had her support." Anon until Certification, Managing Director, Wholefoods Wholesaler/Retailer

"I am so pleased I chose to work with Sal to take me through the process. She honestly made everything seem straightforward, gave me practical advice and work to do, but more than that I felt she was a champion of everything good in the world and wanted the best for me and my business. She is an incredible person to use and embodies B Corp's mission so well" Anna Woods, Founder, Positive Retail (Pending B Corp, September 2023)

"If your goal is to transition your company into a BCORP, look no further than Sally. Her remarkable insights, unwavering support, and analytical prowess make her the ideal guide. Despite my initial unfamiliarity with BCORP, Sally's patience and thorough explanations have empowered me with a newfound understanding. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel confidently informed about BCORP and I am excited for phase 2." Anon until Certification, Operations Manger, Packaging Company.

"Sal was incredibly helpful with my B-Corp assessment and made a clear road map of what I need to do to achieve my B-Corp certification. As a sole trader it's really difficult doing everything on your own, Sal broke down the assessment into small achievable tasks and she was a joy to work with, always friendly and would go the extra mile" Alice Hume, Founder, Vanderhume.

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