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Sibylle Hubert

Greater London

Sibylle will take your organisation through the BCorp certification step by step: creating a "sustainable baseline", implementing your action plan and mastering the final audit.


B Leader bio

Sibylle will take your organisation through the certification process step by step, from creating your "sustainable baseline", through designing and implementing your action plan and mastering the final B Corp audit.

Combining a solide experience of planning strategy and hands-on duties, she will help you see through the complexity of imagining a sustainable action plan and share with you practical tools and insight. She covers companies in the UK and France.

Sibylle has 15 years’ experience in business development, consultancy and relationship management.

She initially worked in sales of commodities as structured products, developing her portfolio of institutional clients in Europe and Asia.

She then opened a food business in Camden, London. Coupled with the operational activity of running a restaurant day-to-day, she built a consultancy programme for independent restaurants: strategy mix building, supply chain streamlining and cost optimisation.

Sibylle also has a depth of experience in new technologies, leading business development for customer service and fintech SaaS in the UK and Ireland.

She joined Mind Partners Group in 2019 to develop relationships with clients in the UK and Ireland and spearheading their sustainable consultancy team.

Sibylle enjoys working with SMEs with a purpose! She is helping organisations engaged on a transformative path, using B Corp as a framework for continuous improvements.


Agriculture, Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Financial Services, Restaurant, Hospitality & Travel, Retail, Other

Company size experience

SME, Start-up, Large

Impact area expertise

Employees, Environment, Supply Chain

Companies taken through the B Impact Assessment


Companies taken through the B Corp Certification


Training cohort

Feb 2021

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