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Sophie Wisbrun-Overakker

East Midlands, East of England, Greater London, Northern Ireland, North East England, North West England, Scotland, South East England, South West England, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber

Sophie is a positive change catalyst, a sustainable business and leadership transformation coach, trainer, facilitator, educator, speaker, purpose expert and board advisor.



Business Products & Services, Consumer Products & Services, Education & Training Services, Health & Human Services, Retail

Company size experience

SME, Start-up, Large, Multinational

Impact area expertise

Employees, Governance, Environment, Supply Chain, Diversity & Inclusion


"Sophie is P&G's first pioneer in bringing sustainability and purpose into the business and organization at an examplary level, igniting a sustainbility and purpose revolution that still lives on today. She has successfully proven that sustainability and brand innovation go hand in hand in solving the planet's toughest challenges: creating consumer habit changes. She left a lasting legacy as an award winning social "intra-preneur", pioneering sustainability and purpose across the P&G organization."
Rob Manhoudt Vice President Europe Procter & Gamble

"At a time that purpose driven sustainable business models are more needed than ever , the innovative virtual format of the DBDG Summit has provided highly inspirational and actionable examples on how to use your business as a force for good."
Paul Polman, former CEO Unilever

"Sophie has been examplary in bringing sustainability and purpose into both the business and the organization and integrates them to a level that I have seldom seen in a business organization"
Ronald van de Straat, Communication Leader P&G

"Sophie is a pioneer, an envisioning and innovative leader, who challenges the status quo. She successfully convinced and engaged the PGT Lead Team to kick of sustainability projects for the benefit of a better world."
Briain de Buitleir, CEO PGT Healthcare

"I found the Brand Purpose Workshop inspiring and I learnt a lot. The best practices of how other companies activate purpose in other sectors opened my eyes."
Marcia Snijder, Senior Brand Manager AkzoNobel

"Sophie challenged my paradigms and encouraged me to shift my beliefs in a provocative and inspirational way. She helped me find ways to channels my desire to do good into practical ways that I could make a diference with my brand, developing a plan to turn this into tangible actions and results by providing tools, business cases and new and proven perspectives."
Lisa Jennings, Vice President Procter & Gamble

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